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Businesses produce a lot of text!  Whether it’s for marketing material, company reports, website content, training manuals or other business documentation, it is important that information circulated by your business to both employees and to clients reads well and is accurate, and, sometimes, it takes a fresh pair of eyes to spot any mistakes that may have slipped through the net.  

This is where Business Friend’s proofreading team can help!

Business Proofreading Services

By proofreading your papers, we can ensure that your work is not let down by spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, and that the sentences flow well and are easy to read for your audience.  To achieve this, our proofreading service is more than just a spelling and grammar review.  Sentence structure, syntax and verb tenses will also be thoroughly examined, and amended accordingly, to improve your document. 

You will receive your proofread document in Word with all changes clearly marked up, so you can see exactly what has been amended.  Your proofreader will also explain why they have made some of the key changes, so you can benefit from their experience and expertise when writing reports, website content, marketing materials or manuals in the future.

At Business Friend, we understand the importance of confidentiality when proofreading corporate documents.  Business Friend’s Privacy Policy provides information and reassurance that we adhere to strict confidentiality practices, and our File Transfer service uses military grade 128-bit Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption, although we can receive files via other methods if required.  We can also password protect documents before returning them to you. 

For information on how to use Business Friend’s corporate proofreading service, please see How We Work.  To receive a quote, please use our Quote Request Form or Contact Us with your requirements. 

Our method of working is simple and effective:

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Once our quote is accepted, we will provide you with a password to upload your recordings, notes or documents via our secure encrypted upload facility.

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You will receive your transcript or document in Microsoft Word via email within the timeframe specified, password protected if required for extra security.

Invoice Sent

We will invoice you for the works carried out for payment via BACs, PayPal or debit or credit card.

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