Many hours of work go into preparing, researching and writing a manuscript.  It is, therefore, easy to miss spelling or grammatical mistakes and to be so familiar with the text that you don’t notice errors with consistency or structure.  This is where a second pair of eyes can help!

If you have your manuscript professionally proofread before being submitted to a potential publisher, you are increasing the chances of your masterpiece being considered for publication.  And if you are self-publishing your book, having an experienced proofreader check through your manuscript before sending it to print will help ensure its contents read well and reflect all your hard work.

Open manuscript

To help your book to be the best it can be, Business Friend’s experienced authors and proofreaders will thoroughly check your manuscript for:

  • Spelling mistakes: We correct spelling throughout your manuscript in either UK (British) English or US (American) English, as you require.
  • Correct use of punctuation: We ensure all punctuation is inserted and correctly used.
  • Grammatical errors: We correct any grammatical mistakes.
  • Consistency: We make sure that the use of capital letters, formatting and verb tenses are consistent throughout your manuscript.
  • Sentence structure: We ensure your book reads well.

Whether your manuscript is a fictional book, or a research publication, your proofreader can also check all cross references and citations to ensure that they are correct and comply with the required guidelines. On receipt of your proofread manuscript, you will clearly see what has been changed in your manuscript as all amendments will be shown using Track Changes in Microsoft Word.  We will also add comments in the document, or provide a cover email, to explain what we have amended, and why. For information on how to use our manuscript proofreading service, please see How We Work.  To receive a quote please use our Quote Request Form or Contact Us with your requirements.  You can also use our Proofreading Calculator (below) as a useful guide.

Our method of working is simple and effective:

Contact Us

Please Contact Us to discuss your project particulars, such as type of transcription services required, templates and deadlines, to receive an accurate quote. Our standard rate table is available to view here.


We will provide you with a password to upload your recordings straight to Business Friend via our secure encrypted upload facility.

Confirm Receipt

We will contact you to confirm receipt of your sound files and track lengths.

We Get To Work

We’ll get to work on your transcription following your brief provided in a timely manner.

Job Done

You will receive your transcript in a Word document via email within the timeframe specified, password protected if required for extra security.

Invoice Sent

We will invoice you for the works provided for payment via BACs, cheque or PayPal.