Whether you need assistance with data entry, creating spreadsheets for maintaining financial and budgeting records, or require eye catching graphs to show research results, our Excel team can deliver high-quality, efficient solutions tailored to your requirements.

Why use Excel?

  • Data analysis: Excel is ideal for data entry, as it then has the tools to sort and filter the information – perfect for data analysis, for example for a research project.
  • Calculation capabilities: With its powerful formulas and functions, Excel can perform calculations ranging from simple arithmetic to creating sophisticated financial spreadsheets.
  • Visual impact: Excel offers a wide array of visual tools, including pivot tables, graphs and charts, which can highlight trends, patterns and insights from datasets.
  • Versatility: Excel spreadsheets can be used as an excellent standalone tool, for example for budgeting, or to highlight findings and points in Word or PowerPoint reports and presentations.
Excel Spreadsheet

As with all Business Friend’s services, our Excel service providers understand the importance of confidentiality when inputting data and creating bespoke spreadsheets.  Business Friend’s Privacy Policy provides information and reassurance that we adhere to strict confidentiality practices, and our File Transfer service uses military grade 128-bit AES encryption, although we can receive files from via other methods if required.  We can also password protect documents before returning them to you.

For information on how to use Business Friend’s Excel services, please see How We Work.  To receive a quote, please use our Quote Request Form or Contact Us with your requirements.  

Our method of working is simple and effective:

Contact Us

Please Contact Us to discuss your project particulars, such as type of services required, templates and deadlines, to receive an accurate quote. Our standard prices are available to view here as a guide.


We will create your personal encrypted folders to upload your recordings or files straight to Business Friend via our secure upload and storage facility.

Confirm Receipt

We will contact you to confirm receipt of your documents and / or sound files.

We Get To Work

We get started straight away, ensuring we adhere to your project requirements and timeframes.

Job Done

We upload your transcript, spreadsheet, document or presentation to your personal secure folder, with extra password protection if required.

Invoice Sent

We will invoice you for the works provided for payment via BACs or PayPal – credit card payments can also be made via PayPal.