Control your document with Control shortcuts!

So, what are Control shortcuts? In short, it’s a function that can really speed up the typing process. By pressing the CTRL key on your PC keyboard or laptop with one (or sometimes two) other keys, you can keep your fingers on the keyboard instead of selecting your required action using your mouse. On a Mac, you would need to press the Command key.

Working this way may take a little getting used to, but with practice and repetition it will soon become second nature and you’ll be pleased you persevered.

Below is a list of our most used Control shortcuts when using Microsoft Word on a PC or laptop:

Ctrl + A  – Selects all your text or objects

Ctrl + B – Makes your selected text bold

Ctrl + C – Copies your text or object

Ctrl + F – Opens up the search bar to Find text

Ctrl + H – Opens up the Find and Replace menu

Ctrl + I – Makes your selected text italic

Ctrl + P – Opens the Print menu

Ctrl + S – Saves your document – we use this constantly to ensure our transcripts are saved!

Ctrl + U – Underlines your selected text

Ctrl + V – Pastes your copied or cut text or object

Ctrl + X – Cuts your selected text or object

Ctrl + Y – Re-does any undone action

Ctrl + Z – Will undo the last action, you can also press this again to undo previous actions

There are many more CTRL keyboard shortcuts than those listed above. If you search for “control function for [insert your action]” or “keyboard shortcut for [insert your action]” there is a good chance there is a solution available!