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Business Friend has been providing a professional and confidential audio transcription service across the UK since 2003.


During this time, our team of experienced transcribers have converted thousands of hours of speech to text by creating professional transcripts for interviews, focus groups, conferences, lectures, podcasts and much more.


Many people confuse transcription with audio typing.  Whilst both involve listening to a recording and typing what is said, there are still many differences between transcription and audio typing.


Audio typing is usually one speaker clearly speaking into a dictation machine, for example, for correspondence or a report.  The speaker often states where a full stop or a paragraph should appear and spells out unusual words or acronyms for the audio typist, along with other clear instructions relevant to the document they wish to produce.  The recording usually takes place in a quiet environment and produces a nice, clear, audio.


Transcription usually involves at least two speakers in a more informal setting and with less structure.  This could mean the recording is of a qualitative research interview, a disciplinary hearing, a conference, or perhaps a focus group with many participants.  It is the role of the transcriber to not only ensure they capture what is being said correctly, but also to show how it is being said.  For example, with verbatim transcription, every um, er, hesitation and emotion must be transcribed.  With clean verbatim (also known as intelligent or edited verbatim), the transcriber must decide which of these is relevant to the conversation and should be transcribed, and which are habitual and can be omitted without effecting what the participant is trying to explain.  The transcriber must also identify speakers and carry out research for project specific words and phrases, for example, place names and technical jargon, to produce an accurate transcript.  These recordings often have background noise as they can be carried out in public places or people’s homes, which can make the speech difficult to hear.

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As an established provider of audio transcription services, Business Friend has built a solid client base through recommendation and you can depend on us to provide a high quality, confidential and reliable service to meet all your transcription needs, including:

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