Interview transcription is ideal for capturing discussions and for gathering information, whether face to face or using video software, such as Zoom. For example, university academics and PhD students may carry out interviews for qualitative research projects, which could shape future policies. Market researchers may be interviewing members of the public for their views on particular products or services, or interviewing a client’s customer to obtain feedback on their user experience. Businesses and HR consultancies, or employees, may need a recording of an employee disciplinary hearing for future reference.


By recording interviews, the interviewer can be sure of an accurate record of their discussion, which can be referred to for years to come.  However, this could mean listening to hours of audio to go to a point of the interview they require. Therefore, having a transcribed version of the interview will make this process much simpler and quicker. This is where interview transcription can help!

With an interview transcription service, the interviewer will receive an accurate transcript of the recording so they can read through the interview and highlight particular points of interest, which is much quicker than listening to the recording again and again! Some professional transcription companies will also include regular timestamps in the interview transcript, so it is easy for their client to refer to the point of recording if required. For example, Business Friend will include timestamps every 10 minutes on our standard service, with additional timestamping options available.

Interview transcription should accurately capture all the information discussed. At Business Friend, should a verbatim service be required, the transcriber will include all ums, ers and hesitations, as well as showing any emotion demonstrated throughout the interviews, for example, [laughs], [gets upset], to truly reflect the tone of the discussion. If an edited verbatim transcription service is preferred (also known as intelligent or clear verbatim), the transcriber will omit habitual ums, ers and hesitations and only transcribe those that are relevant to what is being said, thereby making the transcript easier to read without losing context.

Confidentiality is an important factor when transcribing interviews, and some participants may have agreed to take part in the interview on the understanding they remain anonymous. If required, Business Friend can anonymise transcripts whilst transcribing the interview, for example, by replacing personal names with [name], and local places with [place]. Business Friend’s Privacy Policy provides information and reassurance that we adhere to strict confidentiality practices, and our File Transfer service uses military grade 128-bit AES encryption, although we can receive files via other methods if required.  We can also password protect documents before returning them to you.

For information on how to use Business Friend’s audio transcription service, please see How We Work. To receive a quote for transcribing your interviews, please use our Quote Request Form or Contact Us with your requirements. You can also use our Transcription Calculator (below) as a useful guide.

Our method of working is simple and effective:

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