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Transcription Rates

Number of Speakers


Single speaker

2 speakers (e.g. 1 to 1 interview)
3 speakers (e.g. 1 to 2 interview)
4 speakers (e.g. meeting)

5-6 speakers (e.g. focus group) 
7 plus speakers (e.g. workshop)

Rate per recorded minute*

7-10 day turnaround



5 day turnaround





3 day turnaround




Transcription Rates Prices
  • * These prices are based on good quality recordings with ten minute timestamps included. Please use our Quote Calculators or complete our Request a Quote form for other options, including Fast Track turnaround and additional timestamping. 

** DISCOUNT AVAILABLE! This rate will be discounted by 10% if the participants do not require individual identification.


Please note: Poor quality recordings and other factors can cause the transcription process to take significantly longer (for example, background noise, poor telephone connection, particularly strong accents), in which case an additional rate, ranging from £0.20 to £0.40 per recorded minute, may be added. We will of course always advise our clients if we anticipate a higher rate being required before starting a transcript. To avoid this issue, and the quality of a transcript being negatively affected by the quality of the recording, we recommend reading our article on Tips for Recording Interviews and Focus Groups.

Copy Typing Rates

The below rates are based on a clear original source with minimal formatting and a 10 day turnaround.  Please use our Quote Calculators or complete our Request a Quote form for other options.


£9 per 1000 words
£13 per 1000 words

Copy typing rates

Proofreading Rates

Our academic proofreading prices start from less than 1p per word!

 Please use our Quote Calculators or complete our Request a Quote form to receive a no-obligation quote customised to meet your proofreading needs.

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