Business Friend’s proofreading services are led by specialists in the field of academia.  Our aim is to put the final touches to all your hard work, ensuring your final document reflects your findings in the format required and with no spelling or grammatical errors.  This includes:

  • Correcting spelling mistakes: We correct spelling in either UK (British) English or US (American) English, as you require.
  • Correcting punctuation: We ensure all punctuation is used correctly and that your sentence structure reads well.
  • Correcting grammatical errors: We carefully read your document and correct all grammatical mistakes.
  • Checking consistency: We ensure the use of capital letters, verb tenses and formatting is consistent throughout your document.
  • Checking references and citations: If required, we check all cross references and citations to ensure accuracy. 
  • Showing and explaining our corrections: We use Track Changes so you can clearly see what we have changed.  We will add comments in the document, or provide a cover email, to explain what we have amended, and why.
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Types of Proofreading

Our professional proofreading service can be used for many documents that require accuracy and consistency throughout, including:

Our method of working is simple and effective:

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Please Contact Us to discuss your project particulars, such as type of transcription services required, templates and deadlines, to receive an accurate quote. Our standard rate table is available to view here.


We will provide you with a password to upload your recordings straight to Business Friend via our secure encrypted upload facility.

Confirm Receipt

We will contact you to confirm receipt of your sound files and track lengths.

We Get To Work

We’ll get to work on your transcription following your brief provided in a timely manner.

Job Done

You will receive your transcript in a Word document via email within the timeframe specified, password protected if required for extra security.

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We will invoice you for the works provided for payment via BACs, cheque or PayPal.