Business Friend has been providing transcription services since 2003. We are an established, reputable company that prides itself on making our clients our main priority.

We want you to feel secure in the knowledge that your project is in safe hands – from the minute you send your recording to us, to the minute you receive the finished transcript.

To achieve this, we excel in four major areas:

Experience & skill

All Business Friend transcriptionists join us with at least 12 months experience in transcription, including general transcription, research, legal and oral history. Before joining the team, applicants carry out a number of tests to ensure they meet the high standards required in research and grammar skills as well as in speed and accuracy.

Once on board, there is an intensive training period during which new joiners familiarise themselves with Business Friend’s templates and methods of working to ensure transcripts are produced to the high quality expected by our clients.


We do not over complicate things. You let us know what you need, we confirm turnaround times and rates and answer any queries, then you send us your recordings. We transcribe what we have received and return it to you as agreed. You receive exactly what you ordered. Simple!

Our template reflects this commitment to simplicity, with our standard template including:

  • Identification of speakers
  • 10-minute timestamping
  • Timestamping of any inaudibles or phonetic guesses for ease of reference
  • Line numbering if required.

Our pricing structure also gives our clients confidence in knowing exactly how much each recording will cost, with a price per recorded minute rate based on the number of speakers and turnaround time required, with extras available to meet bespoke requirements.

There are never any nasty surprises. We understand the importance of funding and budgeting and are incredibly transparent with our rates.


Business Friend is built on recommendation. We do not want our clients to just be satisfied with the service they receive from Business Friend; we want them to be delighted. We enjoy researching new topics to ensure all project related jargon or place names are correct. We want our clients’ projects to run smoothly and the transcripts to provide accurate information, and in the timeframe required, to continue to their next stage. To summarise – we want to help!


We understand the importance of keeping your work private and secure. Our Privacy Policy provides information and reassurance that we adhere to strict confidentiality practices. Our File Transfer service uses 128-bit AES encryption, and we can accept files from other secure sources if required. We are also happy to password protect documents before returning them to you.

For more information on how we can help, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.