Whether you are a researcher, a student, or work in a corporate environment, you will understand the importance of accurately transcribed information. In this article, we are going to explain what transcription is and why you may need it.

A transcription service is when you hire a professional transcriber to create a textual transcript of audio or video recordings. It may be that you need a transcriber to document important conversations that take place during meetings, conferences, workshops, or presentations, or to transcribe research interviews and focus groups.

The advantages of using a Transcription Service

Deciding to outsource your transcription requirements to a professional is a wise choice for several reasons:

  • By outsourcing to a transcriptionist, you will be saving a significant amount of money over time, as employing a qualified professional can be costly. By outsourcing, you are only paying for the service you need, when you need it, and will not need to invest time and money into training and supplying equipment.
  •  By using a professional transcription service, you and your colleagues can concentrate on other aspects of your business, or spend more time collecting and analysing data for your research project.
  • Transcribers will invariably have experience in a broad range of industries, from medical through to legal businesses, and so will understand your requirements and industry related terminology.
  • You will receive nothing less than exceptional quality. Your transcriber will have the correct tools and equipment to ensure an excellent service.
  • A speedy turnaround can be essential in some cases, and by hiring a professional, they will be eager to meet your deadlines without compromising on quality.

Industries who benefit from a Transcription Service

Whilst many businesses and organisations would benefit from a transcription service, some are more likely to than others, and here is why:

Legal Industry

Individuals working within the legal sector such as attorneys, court reporters, paralegals and lawyers, will require a professional transcriptionist. Throughout the average working day, these professionals will need transcripts of witness statements, court hearings and evidence that needs to be recorded.

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare professionals have a responsibility of keeping patient records on files. A transcriptionist will be able to transcribe dictated notes and memos, patient interviews and meetings.

Educational Institutions

Academic researchers, university students and lecturers are likely to require a transcription service. Along with transcribing research interviews and focus groups, there are also online courses to take into consideration, where the main content is recorded. Having an accurately transcribed transcript as a visual aid can help support the learning process.

Market Researchers

Market researchers are continuously compiling data of their findings, usually from interviews and discussions. Researchers will need an accurate record of the information to relay back to their clients.

Oral Historians

Capturing historic moments through individual life stories is a wonderful way of showing future generations how life once was in previous years. Many research institutions, museums, charities and history associations run oral history projects to interview participants on their chosen subject matter. These recordings are then archived for future researchers and students to study, and by using a professional transcription service to transcribe the oral history interviews, the information gathered is simpler to access and analyse for years to come.

How a Transcriptionist Works

The work of a transcriptionist is far from easy! It is a demanding role that requires not only excellent listening, grammar and research skills, but also a suitable environment in which to work. They will need an area that is quiet and with minimal distractions to concentrate, plus enough space for their equipment. This usually involves a foot pedal so they can play and rewind the files and excellent quality headphones to hear the audio clearly. By outsourcing to a professional, their workstation will likely be more efficient and with fewer interruptions than if you hired somebody in-house.

In conclusion, many businesses, academics and research institutions will require a transcription service at some point. Be it a one-off situation, or regular intervals, outsourcing provides you with access to a professional transcriptionist, without the commitment of employment.

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